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Savour Downtown


Savour Downtown: Save the Date – Saturday, May 30th, 2015

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Get a taste of local cuisine and arts and culture at the upcoming Savour Downtown heritage walking restaurant tour on Saturday, May 30th, 2015, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets went on sale Saturday, April 11th, 2015 and have almost sold out.To enquire about remaining tickets, please call the Town of Newmarket at 905.895.5193 or Nancy at 416.840.3448

Restaurants participating in Savour Downtown include:Made In Mexico, The Goulash House, Just Brunch, Hungry Brew Hops and The Old Village Free House.Participants will walk along historic Main Street, accompanied by tour guides, who will provide information on the history, architecture and little known facts about the Town.Tour participants will alternate between five restaurants and five pop-up galleries.

Pop-up galleries will be located at Europa Travel, Stuido Five Hair, cupCAKE, Canada T and the Fresh Tea Shop.These pop-up galleries will feature our own NAC artists who will each showcase a piece inspired by Newmarket’s Downtown Heritage.

We encourage everyone to check out the galleries during the afternoon of the event from 4 pm onYou do not need to be a tour participant to enjoy our local artists. Please come and support our NAC member artists at the following venues:

Participating Artists and Artist Statements:


Cheryl E. Uhrig - exhibiting at Europa Travel

“Life is full of slices. I like to capture those slices in my art. Images, ideas and words come easily. Inspiration is everywhere. It can be drawn from something as simple as people waiting for a bus, a dog walker – or a writer’s words waiting to fly.I like each slice of my work to tell a different story, to speak to you – or just make you smile.”

Brie Reid - exhibiting at Studio Five

“I go to the canvas well-intentioned. I expect something simple to happen. I then get all Nietzschean and crave its destruction and that is when the work really begins; that is, not with the first stroke but when I begin to engage with destroying it. I know the painting is finished when I don't feel like destroying it anymore-- when I derive more satisfaction from what has emerged than in annihilating it. Then this funny thing happens: I am afraid to add the finishing touches, afraid to take the brush to it anymore for fear of ruining what it has become... Like a love has developed, a preciousness.”

Jill Evertman – exhibiting at cupCAKE

“Jill Evertman moved to Newmarket in 2008 from Toronto.She and her husband settled in a Century Home a block away from Main. St. They love the town and all of the activities which go on here.Most Saturdays you can see them and their Boston Terrier, Charlie at the Farmers’ Market.Jill’s preferred medium is pen and ink.She concentrates on the play of light and dark to create strong values in her work and on carefully planned pen strokes.”

David Kempton - exhibiting at Canada T

“My Inspirations are truth and beauty and energy in all things.I believe that, like all Fine Art, photography can challenge and inform the intellect and the spirit at the same time as it delights the eye. I have always found echoes of human emotions and longings in natural and urban settings. My current projects include exploring our effects on the natural environment, particularly through the electrical grid; how we currently view landscape; the relationships between photography and memory; and how we understand each other. Since there are now so many cameras, and so few photographers, I also try to educate others in how to view and appreciate photographs, understanding such aspects as timing, grain and paper choices.”

Les Luxemburger – exhibiting at the Fresh Tea Shop

“…Somewhere in between urban and natural space exists dynamic, reflexive buildings and buildings of the past that hold memories and act as memory banks of culture, space and time. My work is a personal journey through the challenges of witnessing the destruction of the natural habitats I used to play in as a child, as well as the sense of loneliness and disconnection I felt as a restless youth growing up in the suburbs of Brampton. I see my work as meaningful and exploratory arts-based research into the ways that ecology and art intersect…”

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